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"Dummy Proof" Ways To Improve Your Website SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the better it is, the more likely your page will be shown to people organically. It is therefore extremely important to have a decent SEO rating in order to guide new visitors to your website.

1. Write a blog

A blog is an excellent way to attract people to your website. Writing articles on relevant subjects people are searching for will mean that your page could be shown to them. Also, as keywords are a huge factor (see next tip) those can be included within your blog articles.

2. Keywords

So say you have a jewellery brand, you will need to think from the potentials customers perspective. What will they be searching for? Eg. diamonds, silver jewellery, gold and chain could be a handful of things people are looking for. Include these keywords around your website so that Google can pick them up.

3. ALT Text

Images you hold on your website need text to tell Google what they are! Many website builders will allow you to add your own ALT Text and you should make full use of it.

4. Remove bad/blank pages

Some pages you have on your website could be damaging for your SEO score. Blank pages with no relevant data should therefore be removed.

5. Avoid items that make your website run slow

Yes pretty videos or exciting animations can look really cool however usually they make your website run and load slowly. This will not only disrupt your SEO score but could put potential customers off your website and click off.

6. Make sure each page is named correctly with a decent description

All pages need to have a relevant name eg. The contact us needs to be named as Contact Us. Also you need to have a short yet eye grabbing description so Google can show these to people searching. This must be done for all pages within your website.

These are some of the main SEO tips I have although there are of course many more. If you're looking for someone to assist with improving your website SEO score please contact me with your interest for a quote!

Laura | Secondleigh

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