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How To Be More Organized

Updated: Sep 2

Whether you spell it organized or organised, we still mean the same thing. If you don't have a Virtual Assistant (like me) to help you, then I recommend the following tips:

1. Write a list

As simple as it sounds, writing a list of your daily/weekly tasks keeps you on track so you can tick off the items you've done and then know what is left to do. This is the perfect starting point.

2. Use calendars

Even the most organized people can forget their plans. I personally use Outlook calendars for client meetings, deadlines and hairdresser appointments.. everything.

3. Be Tidy

If you have a messy workspace, things can become cluttered. You may not find that document you require or even that pen you need to sign off a contract. Having a clear working area with give you a clearer mind.

4. Use folders

If we're talking about organizing items on your computer or laptop, please use folders so that you can find everything you need easily.

5. Break tasks up into smaller chunks

So you've created your list, and you know the deadlines yet you don't know how to get from A to B. This is where you break down what you need to do into smaller tasks.


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