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How To Blog And Make Money

Hi everyone, welcome to the new Secondleigh blog.

I thought I'd discuss one of the first things I became somewhat of an expert in - Blogging!

I initially began blogging in 2011. At first it was a bit of fun, putting my thoughts out on the internet and occasionally reviewing makeup products that I loved. After working hard on my blog for a few years some opportunities came my way and I found out that I could actually turn my hobby into something that made money.

1. Affiliate links

You will earn a commission if someone buys a product through an affiliate link that you provide. Eg if you review a product you like and manage to create an affiliate link it is easy for the reader to just click and buy.

2. Back links

For SEO purposes many websites need to acquire backlinks to improve their score and rateability. Therefore they may request bloggers to write a blog post linking to their website and of course pay you for it.

3. Reviewing products

I am sure when you are about to buy something (but you're not sure), you would Google search the product reviews? Many companies will send out their items for FREE and sometimes pay you to review their items.

4. Sell items you have been sent to review

Connecting to the previous point, sometimes companies send you the items but may not pay for a review. If you find yourself not using the items eg. if it's clothing then why not sell them on sites such as Depop

5. ADS

You have the ability to have Google ads on your blog which means if you have a popular blog you can earn from any clicks on the ads (Google Adsense).

6. Exclusive content

Depending on what your blog is about, you could provide exclusive content to paying customers where they could access your blog via a password.

As you can see there are multiple ways to earn extra cash when writing a blog.

Laura | Secondleigh

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