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How To Feel More Positive

Hi everyone!

Today is the first day of the second lockdown in the UK and I know this will cause a real strain on mental health. There's so much pressure to "be positive" and brush how you're really feeling under the carpet which in my opinion makes things worse.

However, I know there will be many people searching on the internet how to feel more positive (for themselves) and so I have a couple of tips that personally help me.

1.Be grateful

I am a huge believer in Law Of Attraction, but you don't have to believe in it to be grateful. When you remember things to be grateful for, it kind of reminds you that you do have good things in your life. I know this in turn makes you feel better. My advice is to think of 3 things you're grateful for before you go to sleep.

2. Meditate/sleep hypnosis

You can't read an article on feeling more positive without the mention of meditation. Sparing 10-20 minutes clearing your mind can be extremely therapeutic and even euphoric. There's also many FREE Youtube videos for sleep hypnosis, I would recommend listening to these before bed especially if you struggle to fall asleep.

3. Fake it until you make it

Have you heard of laughing yoga? well this isn't laughing yoga, but there's some backed research proving that if you pretend to express at emotion such as laughing it immediately makes you feel it. I am not saying pretend to be positive because that can actually be damaging, but a little laugh now and then even if you don't find something funny can make you feel better.

4. Go for a walk

This should actually be further up the list because exercising/going for a walk can honestly make you feel 1000x better. Even if you don't feel like going out, (even if it's cold) wrap yourself up warm and go for a 15 min walk. I personally listen to inspiring music and it really boosts my mood.

5. Have positive people around you

They say your crowd represents you (or something like that). Make sure you surround yourself or speak to people who are likeminded in a positive way and make you feel better.

6. Do what you want to do

Lastly, don't feel the pressure to do anything unless it's something you want to do to make you feel better.

I hope you enjoyed reading my tips! If you ever need someone to talk to please contact me on Instagram @secondleigh



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