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How To Gain Instagram Followers

Updated: Sep 2

Now this has been a hot topic for many years. With social media platforms taking the world over (practically), the ammount of followers you have can make a difference to how you're perceived.

I have had the @secondleigh Instagram account for about 3 months now and have already reached over 1k followers, so how did I do that? No it wasn't any sleezy tactics (like following and unfollowing) it was all down to the below:

Follow similar accounts/accounts related to your business -

I am very lucky that there's a whole Virtual Assistant community out there. Most VA's will follow other VA's to support each other which is amazing. Not only do we follow back other fellow VA's, we also comment, like and share tips (great). Find accounts that are similar to your business and see if you can support each other

Be active -

I went a bit "ghost" for around 3 weeks, and during that time I barely gained any followers. No one likes a stale account. Make sure you're liking and commenting, basically being active and saying in a polite way "I'm here, come see my page".

Create engaging/visual posts-

Think to yourself, what makes me follow a Instagram page out of choice. Usually for me, it's if someone has great visuals or something to make me really think. I enjoy reading positive or motivational quotes and so that's what I try to share as well as my business-y type posts. That way you're enticing multiple people to follow your page instead of only see "boring" business related posts.

Be personal -

Now I have not yet used this tip as I'm keeping me out of the limelight for this one. But I find that accounts where you get to know the person behind the user name can make people like you and want to follow the account for you. Maybe one day you'll meet me :)

Don't copy, but gain inspiration -

How boring would it be if everyone shared the same thing. There are multiple Instagram accounts sharing copies and really you're not going to follow all the accounts when there's no need. Add your own little individual sparkle to your posts. For example if you're funny, add a little of your own humour - people will see that and start to like it.

Hashtags -

You're not going to read an article about gaining followers without the mention of hashtags. It is a known thing to make sure the right content is reaching the right people and to also ensure your content is more likely to be seen. Make the most of the 30 or so hashtags you can use per Instagram post.

More importantly... Don't give up -

I noticed so many new accounts created at the same time that I created mine, however sadly they have not posted in the last month or so. Basically, it appears as though they weren't getting the results/followers/likes etc and had given up. Even if you're on a 100 followers after a year, keep grafting and if you work hard results will follow.

I hope you enjoyed my tips!

If you're looking for some advice/support for managing your social media please get in touch!

Laura | SecondLeigh


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